Pesantren Tahfizh Program

Excellent program

  1. Finish in reciting the whole Qur’an at least once month
  2. Submitting memorization at least four juz in each semester
  3. Performing Tasmi’ Akbar 30 juz by the final grade students as one of the graduation requirements
  4. Mutqin in memorization at least eight juz
  5. Scholarship award for hafizh/ah 30 juz

Khatim program

    The khatim program is a certain program for students who have completed their memorization by 30 juz instead of doing ziyadah

    1. Put in one group with one exclusive supervisor
    2. Khatim program has three levels: Adna, Wustho, Ulya
    3. Adna level has an obligation to submit at least 2 pages per day
    4. Wustho level has an obligation to submit at least 5 pages per day
    5. Ulya level has an obligation to submit at least 10 pages per day

    Mutqin program

      This program is intended for santri who have finished memorizing 30 juz

      1. Fluency in memorization at least 8 juz
      2. The 8 selected juz are preparations for carrying out Tasmi ‘Akbar before the graduation ceremony
      3. Has an exclusive supervisors and specific administrative book
      4. Specifically recapitulated every month for the monthly evaluation with Mudir Ma’had

      Tasmi’ Akbar program

        Tasmi ‘akbar is a compulsory program for final grade students as one of the conditions for determining their graduation. Held at least on two stages.

        1. Each student must register to the committee the most fluent juz that will be recited and performed on the stage
        2. The most fluent number of juz will be recited at least eight for students with a four-year program and twelve for students with a six-year program
        3. The system of determining the number of juz in Tasmi Akbar is adjusted to the UAS program in every semester
        4. Santri who is able to recite all his memorization at a time at the residence of Khadim Ma’had will get a special gift and certificate